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Project case study (2021-2022)

Somerset’s District Nursing Service

District nursing service

Healthwatch Somerset gathered feedback about Somerset District Nursing Service to help identify what people valued about the service and what could be improved. Findings from the report were shared with the District Nursing Service, service providers and Somerset CCG.

The Somerset NHS long-term plan for health and social services includes the ongoing development of neighbourhood community services. Somerset District Nursing Service provides high quality nursing care to people who are housebound living in their own homes and in residential homes.  From February to April 2021, Healthwatch Somerset gathered feedback from people who have recently used the District Nursing Service to help identify areas of good practice to support service development and improvement.

Healthwatch Somerset found that the service is highly valued, with 93% of people rating it as ‘very good’. Most people would welcome evening and weekend visits, and people were keen to see appointment time slots and improvements to continuity of care. Many people were cautious about the introduction of digital consultations.

The team have shared the findings with the District Nursing Service and Somerset NHS commissioners and service providers, and will continue to work with them to make sure that patient and carer feedback is used to guide service development.​


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“Somerset NHS Foundation Trust is about to commence a transformation process for the District Nursing Service in Somerset and our patients’ voice is at the centre of this work. This report containing feedback about our District Nursing Service from patients and carers across the county will be invaluable as we move through this transformation process and it will positively influence our future service. We want to thank Healthwatch Somerset for carrying out this work; it has been an excellent example of collaborative working that will ultimately inform our future services.”

Gillian Cook, RD

Neighbourhood Service Lead, Taunton Creech Medical Centre (Somerset NHS Foundation Trust)

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