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Our approach

We connect, collaborate and empower people to influence positive change in health and social care services, nationally and locally.

Bespoke, collaborative, impactful

Through all our services we can design and deliver bespoke stakeholder engagement and research projects and provide independent insight and practical solutions to help improve the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of health and social care services.

We work on large-scale and smaller projects and partnerships, at a national, regional and community level. We work collaboratively with clients, service users, and other stakeholders to maximise the impact and sustainability of what we do.

We combine specialist skills and expertise with a human touch, and we take an objective and ethical approach. The enables us to build excellent professional and community relationships, so that we can connect, engage, understand, and represent diverse groups of people and perspectives.

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Local Healthwatch and community engagement partnerships

Through our Healthwatch services and our community engagement partnerships, we help local people and service users shape the way services are run for their communities.

Our local teams are embedded in the communities they represent, and they are key and trusted partners in the health and social care system. They are supported by our specialist consultancy and central services team, which enables us to deliver excellent work that meets all statutory requirements, cost effectively and with impact.

Consultancy and project approach

Project brief

Clarify the aims, objectives and context of the project.

Project proposal

Undertake initial research. Outline proposed approach (methods, team, timescale, costs and reasoning) and confirm next steps.

Collaboration and co-production

Develop our project plan with clients, partners and stakeholders, to ensure impactful and sustainable outcomes and solutions.

Project delivery

Use a variety of engagement techniques and communications channels to promote the project, and reach and gather stakeholder opinions and experiences. 

Report on findings, present data, key issues and recommendations aligned to the project aim and objectives.

Review and analyse other documents and data to contextualise and expand on our findings if required.

Project evaluation and next steps

Discuss findings, recommendations and next steps.  Develop a follow-up work plan if required.

Monitor implementation and impact of project findings and recommendations.


Our size, structure and approach mean that we can offer our high-quality specialist services at a competitive price.

We have an excellent track record for delivering independent, cost effective and impactful local Healthwatch services for several local authorities, as well as our community engagement partnership services. We will provide detailed costs when we tender for any new contracts.

For our consultancy work, while we are happy to discuss our standard pricing structure, costs will vary depending on the length and complexity of the project. We aim to work with our clients to find an effective approach that matches budget with desired outcomes. 

Work with us

Are you looking for support to manage a local Healthwatch or other partnership or project that uses stakeholder engagement to improve health and social care? Do you need expert help with community engagement, service evaluation or co-production? Find out more about our approach and get in touch.

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