Giving people a voice to influence positive change in health and social care

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Who we are

We give those who use and deliver health and social care a voice to influence positive change in services, nationally and locally.

Evolving Communities is an independent Community Interest Company. We specialise in patient, public and stakeholder engagement and insight to help health and social care providers develop and improve services.

We are committed to giving those who use and deliver services a voice to influence positive change in health and social care. We achieve this at a national, regional and local level through the independent Healthwatch services we deliver on behalf of local authorities, the community engagement partnerships we manage and support, and our consultancy projects.

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We manage or support

Local Healthwatch services

Employees across our services

Volunteers across our services

Community engagement partnerships

What we do

We connect health and social care providers with those they care for and with the people and partners who deliver care.

We build relationships and develop understanding of people’s health and care needs and experiences. We use this insight to identify and present impactful, evidence-based solutions for positive changes to health and social care services. We combine professional and sector experience and expertise, with a human touch and collaborative approach.

Why work with us?

Specialist knowledge

We understand the health and social care system and the factors that affect service delivery and quality improvement.

Professional expertise

We are highly skilled and experienced in stakeholder engagement and service evaluation – we work with diverse communities, services, and subjects.

Excellent track record

We have delivered impactful, evidence-based projects to inform strategic and operational decisions and developments across a broad range of health and social care services.

Well connected

We have networks and productive partnerships nationally and regionally.  At a local level we are embedded in the community through our Healthwatch teams.

Tailored support, competitively priced

We design bespoke projects, competitively priced, to help organisations find the most effective ways to develop and improve services.

Empowering positive change

Our collaborative, objective, and ethical approach, empowers people to inform and influence positive change in health and social care services.

Why we do it

We understand the challenges faced by the health and social care system, and we recognise the diverse and changing needs and expectations of those who use and deliver services. We believe service development is most effective, equitable and sustainable when informed by stakeholder insight and ongoing service evaluation.

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Our values


We are highly skilled, rigorous and professional.


We work together to maximise the value and impact of what we do.


We build understanding, confidence, and influence.


We act with integrity, transparency and respect.


We accept responsibility for all our actions.

Work with us

Are you looking for support to manage a local Healthwatch or other partnership or project that uses stakeholder engagement to improve health and social care? Do you need expert help with community engagement, service evaluation or co-production? Find out more about our approach and get in touch.

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