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We run independent Healthwatch services on behalf of local authorities in Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wolverhampton, helping local people shape the way services are run in their communities.

Our Healthwatch services are delivered and managed locally by experienced teams of committed staff and volunteers, with support from our Evolving Communities head office and consultancy team. We are passionate about giving local people a voice to help improve health and social care in their area.

Engaging and supporting communities

Our dedicated local teams find out what matters most to local people about health and social care services in their area. We share this insight with those responsible for commissioning and providing health and social care, to help them make informed decisions to develop and improve local services for everyone. People can also contact our local Healthwatch to find reliable and trustworthy information about local services.

Healthwatch community engagement

Our Healthwatch services

Durdle Door, Dorset
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Gloucester Quays, Gloucester
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Healthwatch Gloucestershire

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset
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About local Healthwatch

Healthwatch organisations were set up in every local authority area in England following the Health and Social Care Act of 2012, which puts people at the centre of their health and social care.

Each of our Healthwatch services is a key part of the local community, working in partnership with other local health and social care organisations, including the local authority, NHS commissioners, NHS Trusts and the voluntary sector. They also share local feedback about services with Healthwatch England, the national body supporting local Healthwatch across the country, to help improve the quality of services.

Local Boards or Steering Groups, consisting of highly experienced and skilled voluntary members, oversee, contribute and monitor delivery of local Healthwatch work programmes. They also make sure the local teams remain focused on the Healthwatch purpose, vision, and values.

Why work with us?


We have an excellent track record of delivering high quality, cost effective Healthwatch services, that make a real difference to the quality and impact of local health and care.


We’ve been engaging with diverse communities, service users and stakeholders since 2013, so we are experienced and effective at using their insight to provide practical solutions to improve health and care services.


Our purpose and values and our delivery model, with several local Healthwatch teams supported by specialist central services, means we can develop and share knowledge, skills, and best practice across our local Healthwatch.


We understand the value of working closely with key regional and local commissioners, service providers and voluntary and community organisations, and we build strong and productive partnerships to maximise the impact and value of our work.

Local Healthwatch projects

Work with us

We have an excellent track record for delivering independent, cost effective and impactful Healthwatch services for local authorities across England.

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