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Devon Maternity & Neonatal Voices Partnership

Project update (2021-2022)

Assessing quality and improving the maternity care environment

Maternity experiences somerset

In 2021-22, working with a team of service user volunteers, we visited all four NHS Trusts in Devon and used the 15 Steps for Maternity Toolkit to review maternity services from the perspective of the people who use them.

15 Steps Maternity Toolkit

The 15 Steps for Maternity Toolkit was launched in 2018 by NHS England. Our volunteers used it to explore their first impressions of care, surroundings, and the overall experience across the maternity journey, by considering if the environment appeared:

  • Welcoming and informative
  • Safe and clean
  • Friendly and personal
  • Organised and calm

Securing funding for improvements

We produced reports after each visit presenting our findings and recommendations for improvement.

We used these reports to successfully bid for £5,000 from each Trust to improve the environment and experience for maternity service users. We worked with service users and midwives to decide how to spend the money, including:

  • Better display information: including new noticeboards and new ways of sharing information, such as the use of QR codes to digitally disseminate information.
  • Adding finesse to maternity care environments (within the confines of NHS requirements for decorations): with a series of murals in Torbay and different art works across the other Trusts.

Find out more

Read our 15 Steps reports for each of the NHS Trusts in Devon:


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