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What’s your experience of using GP services in Gloucestershire?

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Healthwatch Gloucestershire, Local Healthwatch

Share your feedback to help improve access to GP care.

Healthwatch Gloucestershire wants to hear about your experiences of accessing care through your GP practice. They will use your feedback to tell those responsible for GP services in Gloucestershire how to make it easier for you to get the care you need.

This research is in response to ongoing concerns raised by local people. Access to GP services is one of the most common topics people contact Healthwatch Gloucestershire about, including problems booking appointments, long waiting times, and concerns about the use of digital technology and remote consultation methods to deliver care instead of in-person communication.

Lucy White, Healthwatch Gloucestershire Manager, commented: “Good access to GP services is an important measure of the quality of care being provided locally.  It also helps reduce pressure on other services. We have highlighted people’s concerns previously in our 2021 and 2022 reports, so we are looking again to understand what can be done differently to improve residents access to care through GP practices, particularly around getting an appointment, communication with staff, and the use of technology to deliver services.”

Share your feedback by 5 November 2023

It’s easy to share your anonymous feedback with Healthwatch Gloucestershire to help improve access to GP services.  You can visit the website to complete a survey online: or call 0800 652 5193 (Freephone) to request a paper copy of the survey, to share your views over the phone, or find out about joining a group discussion.

Making a difference locally and nationally

The insights gathered through this research will be shared with NHS Gloucestershire to help them understand the current challenges surrounding access to GP services and its impact on local residents.

Healthwatch Gloucestershire will also share public feedback with Healthwatch England, to inform their national research and campaigns around access to NHS services  Read their recent research showing a third of people in England lack confidence they can access critical NHS services, including GP care.

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