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Somerset Maternity Voices Partnership
Somerset MNVP: Have Your Say Form
PROMPTS: During pregnancy, during birth, after the birth, consent, information sharing, pain relief, when/how long/wait; ward/department; medical condition; staff involved; environment; communication; empathy; cleanliness; what was good/bad; what could be improved; how did you feel?
Name of the hospital and ward or department, birth place, community midwife centre, GP practice etc.
4. In relation to this experience, please tick the box that best describes you:
5. Tell us more about you for equality and diversity monitoring.
We try and talk to a wide range of people from across Somerset. By asking these questions we are able to demonstrate the range of people we talk to as well as monitor for any discrimination. If you would prefer not to answer these, please indicate this by ticking 'prefer not to say'. Otherwise please answer the following questions by ticking the corresponding box. The information you provide will stay confidential and be stored securely in line with our privacy policy. This is available on our website, or you can contact us to request a copy.
6. How would you describe your gender?
7. Is your gender identity the same as the sex assigned at birth?
8. How would you describe your sexual orientation?
9. What is your marital status?
10. Age:
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13. What is your ethnicity?
14. What is your religion or belief?
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