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Share your feedback to improve social care for Gloucestershire residents

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Healthwatch Gloucestershire, Local Healthwatch

Healthwatch Gloucestershire has launched a new public engagement project focused on improving the way people are advised about and assessed for social care support in Gloucestershire.

The project aims to make it easier for local people to find and understand information on social care services, and to enhance people’s experience of being assessed to receive support for themselves or their loved ones.

Under the Care Act 2014, Gloucestershire County Council has a duty to provide information about social care and support; to provide a range of social care services for people to access; and to prevent, reduce, and delay people’s needs from getting worse.

Healthwatch Gloucestershire wants to gather a wide range of perspectives to gain a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of current social care provision. They will then advise the council and the Care Quality Commission of where improvements can be made to better meet people’s needs.

In addition, it is hoped that by influencing improvements in social care, this will support the wider aims of helping reduce the number of people admitted to hospital unnecessarily, and enabling more patients to leave hospital when they are ready to do so, thereby freeing up hospital beds.

Announcing the project, Lucy White, Healthwatch Gloucestershire Manager, said: “People have told us that it can be hard to find out about social care in Gloucestershire, including what type of care is needed, what services are provided, and how social care can be paid for. And an increasing number of people are asking us for help or raising concerns about the Care Assessment process.

“Care Assessments play a crucial role in determining the level of support and services people receive, so it is essential the process is understood, fair and effective, and that it meets the needs of those who rely on these services. By gathering more feedback directly from people who use social care, we will identify where improvements are needed and share our findings to influence positive change for our community.”

If you use social care services for yourself, your family or those you care for, share your experiences, insights, and suggestions, confidentially, by 31 July 2023. You can complete a survey at:, attend a focus group, or share your feedback over the phone: Freephone 0800 652 5193.

Find out more about this project and how to get involved: visit the project webpage.

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