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Celebrating the NHS at 70 at Westminster Abbey

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Evolving Communities Consultancy, Local Healthwatch

The former chair of Evolving Communities has taken part in a national service to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

Chris Graves represented Evolving Communities dedicated team of volunteers at the special anniversary event at Westminster Abbey last month.

Chris, from Devizes, (pictured) headed up Healthwatch Wiltshire since its inception in 2012 and later Evolving Communities – its parent community interest company.  She was responsible for strategic decisions and ensuring the views of the public were heard in any decisions on local health and care services.

Said Chris:

“The service was an incredible experience and extremely emotional. It started with an original copy of the Act that brought into being the NHS being carried down the centre of the Abbey.


“There were also presentations given by three individuals with a special relationship with the NHS:  Olive Belfield, one of the original nurses to work within the NHS; Freya Lewis, who was one of the victims of the Manchester bombing and Martin Griffiths, a trauma surgeon at Barts Hospital in London.


“Simon Stevens, Chief Executive, NHS England spoke about the esteem in which the NHS is held by the public and the admiration in which all those who have worked within the NHS are held by the whole country. He also addressed the huge challenge that faces the service over the next 10 years and the importance of us all promoting and protecting the service.


“The music was inspirational! I’m grateful for Evolving Communities for making this possible for me to attend. It made a perfect closing event to my career with Healthwatch and Evolving Communities.”

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