We give those who use and deliver health and social care a voice to influence positive change in services, nationally and locally.

Who we are

Evolving Communities is an independent Community Interest Company.  We specialise in patient, public and stakeholder engagement and insight to help health, social care and wellbeing providers evaluate, develop, and improve services.

We are committed to giving those who use and deliver services a voice to influence positive change in health and social care.  We achieve this at a national, regional, and local level through Evolving Communities Consultancy, and through the independent Healthwatch services we deliver on behalf of local authorities.

What we do

We connect health and social care providers with those they care for and with the people and partners who deliver care.  We build relationships and develop understanding of people’s health and care needs and experiences.  We use this insight to identify and present impactful, evidence-based solutions for positive changes to health and social care services.  We combine professional and sector experience and expertise, with a human touch and collaborative approach.

Why we do it

We understand the challenges faced by the health and social care system, nationally and locally.  We recognise and appreciate the diverse and changing needs and expectations of those who use and deliver services, including patients, public, providers, and policy makers.  We know these factors interact and affect the development and delivery of impactful health and social care services.

We believe that developments in health, social care and wellbeing services are most effective and sustainable when informed by stakeholder insight and ongoing service evaluation.

Evolving Communities Community Engagement

Our vision is for everyone to have a voice in influencing positive change in health and social care.

Our mission is to drive improvements in health, social care, and wellbeing services, by delivering professional consultancy and Healthwatch services that provide stakeholder insight and empower and represent local people.

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