Evolving Consultancy Services specialises in high quality, tailored support in planning or reviewing your services, from a public, or staff, or stakeholder perspective.



Staffed by passionate, experienced researchers, we provide customers with high quality, tailored support in planning or reviewing your services, from a public, staff, or stakeholder perspective.  We can provide clarity around what is working well, what is not working well and provide suggestions for improvement and next steps.

Our expertise is in health and social care environments, with skills transferable to wider fields.  We are experienced in dealing with sensitive topics and working with ‘hard to reach’ groups.

As independent experts, we can be relied upon to be objective and impartial.  Members of the public, staff and stakeholders can all feel confident when sharing their thoughts and experiences with us.

We work with our local Healthwatch Teams to carry out engagement in local communities.  We have teams of experienced volunteers in each locality who have received bespoke training in how to gather stories and experiences from patients, residents and members of the public.  We know that people feel more comfortable speaking to people ‘just like them’ who know and understand the local area.  These volunteers are supported by a team of highly experienced Healthwatch staff.

We take information governance and data protection issues extremely seriously.  We will work with you to address any ethical and consent related issues that you may have.  If the project requires research ethical clearance, whether that be through the NHS or local ethical review boards, we can support you through the process to ensure that the correct procedure is undertaken.  Depending on the project, processes and the nature of the information we will gather, we will tailor our approach, ensuring that we work in line with good ethical practice (such as how we gather and record consent to participate).  We work with our clients to determine the right approach for each project.

Informing, influencing and providing insight on all areas of health, social care and wellbeing.

We expertly combine top academic level research and service evaluation with a human touch.

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