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New report on improving access to GP services in Gloucestershire

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Healthwatch Gloucestershire, Local Healthwatch

Healthwatch Gloucestershire's latest report highlights the challenges patients face when accessing GP services in the county, and recommends how Gloucestershire NHS and GP practices could make it easier for people to get the care they need.

Addressing the persistent concerns raised by residents about difficulties accessing GP services, Healthwatch Gloucestershire conducted a public engagement project in autumn 2023. Building on previous reports from 2021 and 2022, this project sought to understand the current situation amid the increasing pressure on GP services and the accelerated use of digital technology by GPs.

The report, based on direct feedback from 824 participants representing Gloucestershire’s diverse communities, identifies several key issues affecting access to GP services:

Communication challenges: Lack of effective communication has led to confusion and frustration among patients regarding appointment booking processes, triage systems, and the roles of different healthcare professionals.

Accessibility issues: Patients with accessibility challenges, including language barriers and technology use, face difficulties engaging with GP practices. Issues were identified among specific demographic groups, such as those aged 25-49, individuals with various health conditions, and people whose first language is not English.

Appointment-related frustrations: Patients expressed frustration with the wide-ranging time slots for GP calls, and the need for separate GP appointments for each issue which they felt to be inefficient and caused delays for diagnosis and treatment.

Technology disparities: While some patients are keen to use digital options for accessing GP services, people expressed frustration at disparities in availability, complexity, and effectiveness of digital services across GP practices in Gloucestershire. It was also noted that the Apps used are not always easy to use and they are only in English.

In response to these findings, Healthwatch Gloucestershire has made several recommendations to help improve access to GP services in the county. These include:

  • Better communication about the different services, clinics and staff available, through informative leaflets, displays, newsletters, and open events.
  • Improving accessibility through diverse appointment options, extended use of video appointments, clear pathways for interpreter requests, and information available in other languages and formats.
  • Addressing appointment-related issues with longer appointment options to discuss multiple issues, advance booking for regular appointments, and shorter time slots for GPs to return calls.
  • Tackling technology disparities by ensuring that GP websites and apps are up-to-date and provide the full range of digital GP services available, working with Digital Hubs to provide basic IT training to local people, and introducing change of language functions on websites and apps.

Lucy White, Healthwatch Gloucestershire Manager, said: “People often tell us that accessing GP services in Gloucestershire is difficult. In recent years, there has been increased pressure on GP services and a growing demand for GP appointments to be offered in a variety of ways, with rapid acceleration of digital and remote methods due to the pandemic. We have reported our findings to NHS Gloucestershire and other health and care leaders and provided actionable recommendations to support ongoing service development and improvement.

“Over 800 people took time to share their experiences and feedback with us. I’d like to thank them, and the local groups who helped us reach and hear from our diverse communities, to help improve access to healthcare for everyone.”

Becky Parish, Associate Director, Engagement and Experience NHS Gloucestershire, welcomed the report and provided a detailed response to the recommendations made by Healthwatch Gloucestershire: “Thank you to Healthwatch Gloucestershire for preparing this insightful report. We are pleased that so many people have taken the opportunity to share their views about access to GP services and we were pleased to work alongside Healthwatch Gloucestershire to ensure the voices of underserved communities were  heard. The report’s findings underscore a number of areas NHS Gloucestershire is already working on with primary care colleagues and identifies some new areas for us to focus on.”

Read the report for more information, including detailed recommendations, public comments and case studies, and the full response from NHS Gloucestershire: Accessing GP services in Gloucestershire

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