We help health and social care services to develop and improve so they deliver real and lasting benefits for those who use and provide care.


Specialist knowledge

We understand the health and social care system and the factors that affect service delivery and quality improvement.

Professional expertise

We are highly skilled and experienced in stakeholder engagement and service evaluation – we work with diverse communities, services, and subjects.

Excellent track record

We have delivered impactful, evidence-based projects to inform strategic and operational decisions and developments across a broad range of health and social care services.

Well connected

We have established networks and productive partnerships nationally and regionally, and at a local level we are embedded in the community through our Healthwatch teams.

Tailored support, competitively priced

We design competitively priced, bespoke projects to help organisations find the most effective ways to develop and improve services.

Empowering positive change

Our collaborative, objective, and ethical approach, empowers people to inform and influence positive change in health and social care services.

Meet our expert teams

We have expert knowledge of the health and social care sector, and specialist skills and experience in stakeholder engagement and service evaluation.

We understand the complex challenges faced by the health and social care system, nationally and locally.  Health and social care provision must evolve to meet people’s changing care needs and the demand for new ways of delivering more effective care.  This includes a growing demand for some types of care, greater integration and flexibility of services, innovation in how care is delivered, including new technologies, and the drive towards prevention and increased community care and support.

We work with a broad range of health and social care organisations and service providers, communities, and stakeholder groups, at a national, regional and local level.  This enables us to appreciate the diverse needs and expectations of those who use and deliver services, including patients, public, providers, and policy makers, and to present insightful evidence-based solutions to improve services.


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