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Share your views and experiences to help improve maternity care in Devon

We listen to your experiences of maternity services, good and bad, and gather your feedback and ideas for change. We share your stories and your views with those responsible for maternity care in Devon to help them develop and improve maternity care for everyone.

Complete our surveys

If you or a family member had a baby in the last two years, please tell us about your experiences and views of maternity care in Devon. What you tell us will remain anonymous, and any identifiable information will be removed before we share any feedback.

We currently have two surveys you can complete.

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Devon MNVP surveys

Improving pregnancy and baby loss care in Somerset

Antenatal care in Devon

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Postnatal care in Devon

How we use your feedback

We will share your feedback with the Local Maternity System (LMS) board to help them understand how to develop and improve local maternity care. LMS board members include representatives from the Devon Integrated Care Group, heads of midwifery from NHS trusts and other providers of maternity services, consultant obstetricians, public health representatives. Your feedback will help us continue to work together on the transformation of maternity services in Devon.

Get in touch

If you have questions or feedback about any aspect of our work or maternity services in Devon, please get in touch:

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