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Stakeholder engagement and insight

We gather people’s experiences and opinions and use this insight to inform new and innovative ideas and improvements in health and social care.

The value of stakeholder engagement to delivering and developing quality and effective health and social care services is widely recognised. It is a key criterion for many of the care quality service standards that providers are required to achieve. It is also a crucial component in ensuring the delivery of national and regional plans for transforming health and social care provision.

How we can help

We can design and deliver engagement projects to provide stakeholder insight and identify new ideas and solutions to improve health and social care services. We can connect service commissioners and providers with the those who use, deliver, or have an interest in health and social care. We build relationships and shared understanding of people’s diverse and changing care needs and experiences, and of the factors that can maximise or reduce the effectiveness of health and social care provision.

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How we work

We work with our clients to develop tailor-made stakeholder engagement programmes. We clarify the aim, scope, and context of the project, we identify the stakeholder groups we want to reach, and we design and deliver robust and impactful engagement projects. We present our findings, key themes, and outcomes in an end of project report.

Our collaborative, ethical and objective approach, combined with our human touch, builds understanding and confidence among the stakeholders we work with. We empower them to share their experiences, opinions, and ideas, and this delivers powerful insight to inform positive change.

What we do

We use a variety of traditional and more creative engagement methods, which we can deliver remotely, online or face-to-face. This includes focus groups, where we might recruit people to attend facilitated discussions or we might visit existing groups or meetings. We also use surveys and questionnaires, one-to-one interviews, community events, video/photo diaries, and Vox Pops.

Our specialist communications team uses a mix of online and offline channels and techniques to promote our work and maximise stakeholder reach and engagement.

Work with us

Do you need expert help with stakeholder engagement and insight? Find out more about our approach and get in touch with our team today.

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