Evolving Communities recently delivered the Year 3 Impact Report on the Dorothy House User Advisory Group.

The User Advisory Group was established in September 2016 to support user involvement in the development and quality monitoring of Dorothy House Hospice Care services.

Comprising up to 12 volunteers, it is a forum where engagement and discussion of people’s views, comments and ideas can take place on topics related to the care and support provided by Dorothy House Hospice Care.

The aim of the User Advisory Group is to provide an opportunity for those people who have used Dorothy House Hospice Care services to express their open and honest opinions.  The outcome of its discussions and engagement are fed back to Dorothy House Hospice Care to influence service development, enhance the quality of services and promote community engagement.

The User Advisory Group carried out direct engagement with Dorothy House patients, carers, families, volunteers and staff on three different topics.

User Advisory Group volunteers engaged with 108 individuals, primarily face-to-face, but also by telephone and online [53 in Year 1; 103 in Year 2].  Volunteers attended a variety of groups and activities to engage with people also spoke to patients and staff individually and at focus groups.

Four written reports were submitted to the Dorothy House Hospice Care Clinical Governance Sub-committee.  These reports included a roundup of what patients and carers had shared, and recommendations for improvements.  The work of the User Advisory Group was also presented at a Dorothy House ‘Our Voice’ Staff Forum.

As a result, User Advisory Group members have been invited to take part in various working groups to ensure the voice of patients and their carers are heard and able to influence.

Wayne de Leeuw, Interim Chief Executive Dorothy House Hospice Care said to the User Advisory Group: “Thank you so much for all the support, good ideas, feedback and critique that you have provided over the past three years.  I know that your input has significantly improved many of the services and care that we provide to patients and their families and for that I and our Executive Team are extremely appreciative.”

Project complete – view case study

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