We connect, collaborate and empower people to influence positive change in health and social care services, nationally and locally.

Bespoke, collaborative, impactful

Through Evolving Communities Consultancy and our local Healthwatch, we design and deliver bespoke stakeholder engagement and evaluation projects.  We provide independent insight and practical solutions to help organisations improve the quality and effectiveness of health and social care services.

We work on both large-scale and smaller projects, at a national, regional, and local community level.  We support health and social care clients, partners and stakeholders in the public, charitable and private sectors.  We work collaboratively to maximise the impact and sustainability of what we do.

We combine specialist skills and expertise with a human touch, and we take an objective and ethical approach.  This enables us to build excellent professional and community relationships, so that we can connect, engage, and understand diverse groups of people and perspectives.

Evolving Communities Social Care Engagement background



We are highly skilled, rigorous, and professional.


We work together to maximise the value and impact of what we do.


We build understanding, confidence, and influence.


We act with integrity, transparency, and respect.


We accept responsibly for all our actions.


Our size, structure, processes and partnerships mean that we can offer our high-quality specialist services at a competitive price, both for Evolving Communities Consultancy and local Healthwatch contracts.

For Evolving Communities Consultancy, while we are happy to discuss our standard pricing structure, costs will vary depending on the length and complexity of the project.  We aim to work with our clients to find an effective approach that matches budget with desired outcomes.

For local Healthwatch, we have an excellent track record for delivering independent, cost effective, and impactful services for local authorities in Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wolverhampton.  We will provide detailed costs when we tender for any new Healthwatch contracts.


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